Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Walt: create a presentation showing what we learn't for Genomics.

Task Description:
This week for Genomics we had to watch a couple of videos that explained what DNA is. After we watched those videos we had to create something to show what we learn't/understood about it.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Museum trip!!

On the first of November Pt England school, Team 5 got the opportunity to visit the Auckland museum with KPWG!! This day was extremely exciting as we arrived and got split into group's. And as we arrived we we're able to have the sight of sculptures.

This day all started with a bus ride to the Auckland museum. Once we got there we meet 46 helper's from KPMG, Not to long after all the museum rules we're set we got put in our museum group's with a helper from KPMG.

During this day we visited all floors of the museum and looked at old thing's from the past. And different sculpture's that we're throughout the whole museum, My favourite part of the museum was rolling down the hill, Also the winter garden.

My favourite part in the winter garden was looking at all the different flower's. And also going on a bush walk in the winter garden with people from team 5 that I saw at the winter garden. Also from here and there on our bus ride's they we're also both amazingly clingy.

On behalf of team 5 we would like to say a big thank you to  KPMG for your help and our tour's, Thank you to all our teacher's.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Genomics fun day!!

Genomic’s fun day!!

Today Team 5 got the opportunity to have a fun day with two different school’s, Glen innes , Glen brae. You may be wondering what we we’re doing, Well keep scrolling to find out more.

The day all started of with a mihi and karake presented by , Skye and Villiami. Then our principal Mr Burt welcomed Glen innes and Glen brae. He started of with a whakapapa. Before we started our genomic fun day we sang a waiata. After we finished singing our waiata we then got instructions from our team leader Mr’s Ilaoa.

Then glen innes and glen brae got split up into our remaining classes. In the instructions we had to get into 4 groups of 6,7 or 8 people. In my group we had a number of 8 people, Maiah , Lilo/Francesca and Candice,Rosie, Leilani, Angel, Calais, And me.

As a group we did different challenges and we also got asked questions and win spot prizes. And these different challenges were quite hard actually. Our group placed 1st with the hp girl’z for questions. By the way our name was Dynamite's.

Over all the genomic fun day turned out to be a success, It’s actually quite surprising. Thanks to all the teacher's for organising this genomics day. This day was well spent.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Chicken curry

Today at Tamaki college we made chicken curry. 
This meal is very easy to make at home. With these simple ingredient's. We had until 11 : 30 - 12 : 30 to cook this amazing tasty dish . / And I had an amazing time here cooking at Tamaki college. My partners today were , Tehillah and Angel. We worked together as a team.  

Step 1 - 

- dice onion 
- dice chicken 
- Chop potatoes 
- Fry until it is cooked 
- Add curry and spices 
- Add vegetables and potatoes 

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Cheek DNA test!!

Science cheek DNA test

Have you even seen your cheek DNA before??
Well yesterday room 5 got the opportunity to see our DNA.........

A few days ago we had the opportunity to do an experiment. We scraped the inside of our cheek with a popsicle stick. And we were also able to see what our cheek DNA looked like under a microscope.

The first instruction was to find a pair. My pair was chance (AS A PAIR WE WERE THE BEST) Then we also scraped the DNA on our cheek. Next we put our DNA on a slide. After that we waited a little while. Later on we set up our microscope. Then we went group by group to the microscopes to see our DNA