Wednesday, 29 March 2017

NZ Native Birds

                                Walt: make connections across multiple texts
                               Today me and Sky had did some writing about NZ native birds.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Native Birds in Tamaki

Have you seen a Tui in your backyard? Well if I would be able to see one in my backyard I might tell everyone that there is a Tui in my backyard.  

I think Tamaki would need more tui because I am seck of having seagulls around tamaki. There is way too much around tamaki so we should be having way more tui then the seagulls and the pigeons.

I think we should be having more kiwi because we hardly had kiwis around tāmaki.

Pigeons are so annoying, so I think that we should get rid of all the seagulls and have more tui and kiwi around tāmaki.

Task Description: Today Room 7 is writing about Native Birds and why we should be having more kiwi and tui.

Julieanna and Skye Native Birds Poster, Week 9

NZ Native BirdsWalt: make connections across multiple texts

Friday, 24 March 2017

kiwi in the city

Why can’t you find kiwi in the city?

Because there are pest in this city and if the kiwi was here the pest would come and kill it.
What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

(page 7)
It is where there is somewhere safe because so pest don’t kill the kiwi.
Where is the Wildlife Sanctuary?

Wildlife sanctuary is on an island, and sea keep all and pest outside.
Why is it good for a Sanctuary to be on an island?

(page 7)
So the pest do not get to the kiwi because the pest would kill it and so there are no cars around making any sound because then the kiwi would get scared.
Name 5 animals that have to stay outside the wildlife sanctuary:

Name 5 animals that can be inside the sanctuary:

Kiwi,giant weta,weka,
north island robins,
Why do they want to build a fence?

What does the fence need to look like?

So that the possums,rats,cats,mice do not through to kill the kiwi

The fence needs to be small so the mice does not squeeze through and does not attack the kiwi and the
Why do they have to be so careful to make a good fence?

Because if people come near the fence and they touch it  the fence would sting you and they would have to go to the doctors.

Possums can jump over the fence
Possums can jump but they can not fly.
There are 15 types of pest in Karori
           There are not 15 pests.
Cats can dig under the fence
No only rats can dig under the fence.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Julieanna & Skye Pest poster

 Pests and native animals
Walt: make connections across multiple texts   

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Skye Year 5/6 Camp Writing

This camp was placed on the Pt England School filed. Camp was when we were able to camp on our school ground.

Also we woke up around 6 or 7 in the morning we had jump jam. After jump jam we had breakfast. In the marki the marki is where we have dinner and breakfast. Also lunch at lunch time we get to have 30 minutes of playtime.
Paragraph 1
What is camp. When, Where, Why. All the information. What activities did you do?
And in the morning we had breakfast in the marki. We went kayaking with Mr Burt. When I went On the Kayak we had to put our dum foot dum . Also on the way there it was raining and we had no towel. And then When we arrived we Had to sit on the sand well Mr Burt was telling us the Instructions. First we had to Make sure that when we got into the kayak Mr Burt said we needed a buddy. My buddy Was Tatiana Me and Tatiana had fun. And then after kayaking we had to run all the way back to school with no towel.  
Paragraph 2
Highlights. What were your favourite parts, and why?
After Kayaking we had to get changed. After we got changed we Got to drink a hot chocolate. Also we got to have some biscuits. Also my group’s Name is Sheriffs And our dance is we speak no American And Rolex.

Paragraph 3
Thank you’s. Who made this happen for you? I.e. Family, School, Teacher, and Leaders etc
And I will like to say a big thank you to Mr Burt. To Mr Burt Thank you for making this day happen.  And Miss Nua Miss Nua I would like to say a big that you to miss Nua because she helped us setup the tents and helped Cook the food.  And Mr Somerville Thank you for the setup of the just dance. Also thank you to the helpers And the patterns that were on security. And thank you to Miss Vaafusuaga for setting up all the sport. Team for really Appreciate it.

What did you learn about yourself on camp, why would you recommend that every student does this in future.3
And also I learnt how to kayak. And how to play games like get lost and miny more.