Friday, 31 August 2018

The history of slavery?

Why is slavery a problem?

Introduction : why are people getting sold for money? It is sad for their parents they worked hard for them and letting them grow and grow as the time went past. How would you feel if your child was sold into slavery?

Paragraph 1 : People are getting sold for money because the person who wants
to sell them is doing the wrong thing.These people want slaves because
they don’t have to pay their slaves very much so they will make more money.
If you were getting sold for money what would you do?  It is unkind and
disrespectful for that person.

Paragraph 2 : The history of slavery has being going on for
generations. Hundreds of years ago it was normal for  people
to have slaves to do lots of things. Slavery is when you get people
to do what you tell them to which could be cleaning your house or
even building a pyramid.This was happening in the world for two thousand years!

Paragraph 3 :How could you help the slaves?
The money that people paid their slaves could be just 10c a day.
 It could carry on until the slave was aged 100 or even less. The money
you get paid is like they are paying for you as a person. If you are a slave what
would you do? If there were slaves in our world it would just be so hard and for
the person that has paid you to do it. What are they going to do when there
slaves are gone and your children will not know what to do?

Conclusion : There are still slaves out there today! In some countries
people are still being sold

Friday, 3 August 2018

Room 4!

Today I created a google drawing hope you enjoy and leave a comment.

Thursday, 2 August 2018