Monday, 11 April 2016

Tens and Ones

Skye fiafia

Last week had Fiafia day on
Thursday it was a beautiful day. The 1st
Group was kapa haka then the rock band was 2st and i was in the kapa haka group and we were singing 4 songs 1 was Whakataka Te hau and then 2 was
Utaina 3 was kapoioi 4 was the haka.

What i liked about fiafia night was that there was food and drinks and also the performance and the one i loved was kapa haka group and my Tutors Matawai art and Fire parody.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Camp Blog

Year ⅚ Camp Blog Comments

You are going to record the web address (URL) for each blog you read AND comment on.  Then, you will need to write one sentence about something you liked in or about their blog post AND another sentence telling why you liked that part of their post.  These sentences will be combined in your own blog post at the end of the assignment.

Blog URL :  
Write 1-2 sentences (In your OWN words) about something you liked in their blog post.
Write 1-2 sentences describing WHY you liked that part of their post.
What i liked about jonathan bolg was that he said hello my name is jonathan .

What i liked about this was that he said hi my name is javan.

What i liked about What he said hello My Villamil .

What i liked about
That he said hello my name is Dehavay.

What i LIked about
that he said hello me name is joshua.

Now that you have read and commented on 5 different blogs, open a new post on your own blog.  Write a sentence or two telling your readers about the assignment you just completed and then direct them to read the blogs that you left comments on.  Be sure to give credit to the author’s of each blog by including their URL as a hyperlink in your post.

Don’t forget to leave labels on your post: Mrs Moala, Writing, Reading, Year ⅚ Camp, 2016, Blog Commenting

Also, be sure that you respond to any comments left on your post.