Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Skye Fractions for Exponents

Compound Sentences

Compound Sentences

  1. I went to my Papas and my Mum and dad stayed home.
2. I went to the movies and went to Sylvia park with my Nan.

3. At school I went to my class and it is Room 6,7,8, when I got there I saw my friends Nyree and Atareita

and after that I did my home work and i work on my Chromebook.

WALT: recognise and craft compound sentences.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Skye Mascot

Mascot  vinicius

The mascot has colors like yellow-orange-green-blue
vinicius is senkey and He looks like a monkey mixed with a cat. White face and he has a patched Rio logo similar colors also long legs he likes to jump on bubbles.
Big toes that are yellow and he has long arms like a monkey and he likes to climb trees and he also has fazey hair. And he also has dimples that are a pinkish colour and he has cat ears.The mascot has pants like Mickey Mouse and Santa and Also he has big feet like a giant. He is really fast.

Who am I?

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Skye pizzas as Fractions

CIndy Lympics

Skye Rio torch

The torch has different layers of colours that are light green (lime), light blue, dark blue, and darker blue. On the outside, there is a silver colour that also has Rio 2016 written on it. It also has a flame at the top. I think the torch glows when they light it up.