Thursday, 27 July 2017

Skye Multiplication Word Problems

Skye Space Narrative

Space Narrative

  • Main characters - yourself and one other passenger
  • Leaving Earth
  • Your spaceship
  • Exploring the new planet
  • Think of a problem!
  • How did the problem get solved, and now you live happy ever after.

Who, what, where, when
What has happened to the earth?
Explain that you’re leaving.
Who: santana & Maria & Me.
What: Planet earth is dying.
Where: outside of town.
When: July 24th
It has gotten piloted and trees are gone and never seen again!
And many more.
Body 1
Arriving at the planet.
What are the problems.
Skye and santana and maria decided to leave the plant because of what is happening to our plant. So we are going to make a spaceship that will take us to our. Location and will last us until we have arrived. And also we need food to last us tell the day we die. But we need to decide our plant we are going to land on. So ummmmmmmmmmmm thinking in my head I know we could go to Mercury but we can't because it is too close to the sun so we can go to.
Uranus no said santana because it will take 6 months and also all of the asteroids. And also it is too cold said maria.
Body 2
The Action! What’s happening in the problem? Exploring/ defending/ building etc
We decided to go to mars because is theist place in erath.
Body 3
The final action scene. The end of the problem!
After that we defeated the big elin and also we decided to see what it feels like if we took off our helmets and we could not heer or see because it was to bellary and also we could not breath.
How will you live on the planet now that the problem is solved.
pervertly fine.

I know my story is successful because:

I have an orientation that tells who, where, when and shares the problem.

There are a series of events that happen in order.

The problem is sorted out at the end of my story.

I have used sentences of different lengths to tell my ideas.

I have proof-read it to check that it makes sense and that I have used correct sentence punctuation.


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