Friday, 24 March 2017

kiwi in the city

Why can’t you find kiwi in the city?

Because there are pest in this city and if the kiwi was here the pest would come and kill it.
What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

(page 7)
It is where there is somewhere safe because so pest don’t kill the kiwi.
Where is the Wildlife Sanctuary?

Wildlife sanctuary is on an island, and sea keep all and pest outside.
Why is it good for a Sanctuary to be on an island?

(page 7)
So the pest do not get to the kiwi because the pest would kill it and so there are no cars around making any sound because then the kiwi would get scared.
Name 5 animals that have to stay outside the wildlife sanctuary:

Name 5 animals that can be inside the sanctuary:

Kiwi,giant weta,weka,
north island robins,
Why do they want to build a fence?

What does the fence need to look like?

So that the possums,rats,cats,mice do not through to kill the kiwi

The fence needs to be small so the mice does not squeeze through and does not attack the kiwi and the
Why do they have to be so careful to make a good fence?

Because if people come near the fence and they touch it  the fence would sting you and they would have to go to the doctors.

Possums can jump over the fence
Possums can jump but they can not fly.
There are 15 types of pest in Karori
           There are not 15 pests.
Cats can dig under the fence
No only rats can dig under the fence.

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