Thursday, 23 April 2015

holisay hilite by skye

In The holidays I went up north with  my mum and dad and sister April  the 5.
we went  back and . I  went to movies with my aunt because. I had 100 dorlor
and we watch minecart. 5 and then we went home and then we had janger. bear loles.
and I went to my Aunt's house and it was fun and cool and we watch a hora. and we
went to bed and my mum got me a ipod 4 and we went  to my nana's house .

what I played was minecart and it was 2 player and we went on cerstve moud
and I had mcdonald and it was cool.

and we had fun and that was fun.

and my aunty had a baby boy .

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