Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Skye's Pacman and Ottis

Are you bored of dumb old games well here is a new one and it is here to entertain you. 

In it you will meet a creeper and a pacman. The main character Ottis looks like Steve on Minecraft and accept that his eye colour is different. It is red, blue and black and born. Don’t you want to play at a raining lunch time?

To defeat Pac man and Creeper with Ottis you jump on top of them by pushing the up arrow key. If you jump on a brick and you can't get down you can jump Up and it with take you down. If the time runs out the game is over. So move quickly

Year 4 and 5s should definitely play my game because it’s a good game. Write a comment to let me know what you thought. Thanks, Skye.
If you are a year 4 or 5 if you won,t to have a go came you please live me a message on my blog .

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