Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Figuratifve Language : Similes

Figurative Language: Similes
Suzie and the Space Nuts Ep. 2

Using what you’ve learnt about similes, finish the statements below about Gort and Feeble.

When you are finished copy and paste your completed sentences to your blog.  Be sure to tell your readers what you have learnt about similes and metaphors.

  1. Gort is as worried as a mum that is just had a baby.

  1. Freeble is like a child that is 6 years old

  1. Gort is as tired like a mum just came back from work.

  1. Freeble is as hungry as a pig that has no food

  1. Freeble is excited like a girl that is so happy to see her dad .

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