Tuesday, 3 March 2015

my hoilday highlight

in the holidays.

In the  holiday  I went up north with my family and we had a good weekend up north.
for when we got home it was my brother's Birthday and we went to Swimarama
and he got 20 presets  for when I got home I played a game and it is called   minecraft
and in  the morning I went to my Aunt daisy  and I had a fun  day up north.

I Saw Ayla at  Beach and we went far away  at the  Beach and we went to the pools with her and her mum and dad and sister  it was fun  and she was allowed to stay the
night in the morning she went home.

and I went to Te hapua to anvil my nana daisy's mum and we got a litter  puppy   and hads name is te hapua and he is a fun dog.

and when I got to school I was happy I wis i go there again.

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