Thursday, 19 March 2015

The year 5 and 6 camp .

It was camp we had 2 Teachers” and we play,d  with the recog and the year 5 and 6  went to camp and on monday on  tuesday we had miss m and my name is skye and we watched Manaiakalani “on the site .   
and on friday we had mr slade and we got to have 10 minute,s on maths whizz and. we got” to go to a cool assembly n and.
and we had fun and” i did some cool thing and some year 5 and 4 that are in mr  bex and miss jacobsen and miss  love acapella and mr  goodone and mr somea folle and.
I sow merera  skating show I said hi and my sister danielle and on the last day i was happy and she gave me a hage.
and I saydi in class  9 and 10  my best was when we watched manaiakalani
and next year I  am going .

and I Think it is going to be cool  and  my sister  she had fun now it is my torn  and I  am so happy.

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