Friday, 12 February 2016

Duffy Theatre

On Tuesday the 9 of February 2016  we had Duffy Day!  there was two boys  and a girl and so this story being’ s  so The girl was acting old and she had a fake child.  and his name was Sam was her child and she was doing the boggy and she was running around like a old lady and she was asking Duffy to do the boggy with her and he was the one that had the D on his t shirt and when she was hang they had a dance together and now she is old but he wasn't so then she had her son when she was 35 so then her father went to the war .  and Duffy went to go tall him that ruby was looking for him so then Duffy said come back plesae ruby will be sad by now and that was the end of the story.oh Wait Wait Wait so then they went in to Duffys time machine and  they went into  1945 and then ruby was so happy to see her father seen he lift on 1935 and it has been 20 Years.

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