Monday, 22 May 2017

Swimming Lessons

                               Swimming lessons

Introduction: 3 - 4 sentences
Who, what, where, when
There weeks - started week 1 term 2 we went to the pools and we were learning about swimming.
Arm circles we had to get there at 1:30

Water Safety: 4 - 6 sentences
  • What did you learn about being safe in the water?
  • What did you do with the life jackets?
We were doing arm circles and we were kicking with our feet and we had to stand up and we had to put one leg out and we had to hold our life jackets and we had to push of the ground to jump in and we had to land on 2 feet. And we also had to put our hands out.
What did you learn about swimming: 4 - 6 sentences
I learnt how to keep safe in a river and also in a lake and also at.
A beach, How to keep safe. Stay in between the flags and also always wear a life jackets.
How did you feel?   3 - 4 sentences
What will you do different next time you swim?
I felt that it was difficult to kick and i couldn't hear properly.

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