Monday, 14 May 2018


Today we have been writing about sexist. And what does it mean.


  1. Kia ora Skye. Your poster about sexism is off to a good start. I do have one question about what you wrote. You say: "Some people around the world are sexist because they are haters." I am curious what you mean when you describe someone as sexist. Can you say more?

  2. Hi Skye ,
    I very like how you try and persuade people to stop mocking others and to stop gossiping ,
    I also think everyone should stop these things ,
    Maybe next time you could check if your writing makes sense and if your writing has proper grammar.
    Good work.

  3. Aloha Skye,
    I am a yr 7 student from TPS and just wanted to leave a comment!
    I like how you are trying to persuade people to stop mocking and gossiping in the blog post that you have created. I feel like you could try to add more detail about sexisim and make sure your punctuation is in the correct place. Over that great job.