Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Skye Free write

On November the 15th we went to and amazing place called Motat It Had a lot of Technology Technology was the thing we saw First we went to our meeting space to talk with Abby about what we had to do. First we talked about our rules and then Abby said that first we will be going on a Tram Ride.
I liked the tram because it was still available for us to use I looked inside the Tram and it looked nice and tidy Next we went over the road and  we had to stop because the light was red When I looked at the light it had red white and green colors a lot of people where saying that the Tram was so cool.Then we had morning tea and then after morning tea we went to see the houses in the old  village. The first house had one mannequin inside and also some

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