Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Skye 2017 Film Festival

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Introduction: Hook, the 4 W’s
Paragraph 1: What is the Manaiakalani Film Festival?
Paragraph 2: Where did we go and what did we do?
Paragraph 3: What was your favourite movie and why?
Conclusion: What did you think about the whole experience? Any final thoughts?

Start writing here….

Good morning people of the world. We have this annual school presentes movies. How are we today good or great. On wednesday we had this film festival thing that was going on.

The year 1 - 4 got to leave early in the morning. That time was 9:15 they had to get on the bus as early as possible. After they had watched their movie’s it was our turn.

We got to leave at 10:30 it was so amazing I really loved it. We had to leave into the theater at 11:00. It was a little scary because the lights went off. First movie was from room 16.
I really liked room 16 movie because they were singing and also it was so cute. And also my best friends were in there. My best friends in room 16 call me Skyler.

Then 1 hour later we were finished it was so cool I loved it and also pretty much everyone loved it. It was so amazing we had a lot of fun. Thank you point england school.

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