Monday, 26 February 2018

Skye How to keep yourself healthy

How to Keep  yourself  Healthy
We are learning to follow the Statement, Explanation, Example paragraph structure.
Write your explanation here. Check that it follows the structure of an explanation!

Today in our class we have been learning about things you need to keep yourself healthy.
Also we have been Discussing what we need for things that you need to use.

1    Protect yourself from the sun

2     washing yourself

3     Maintain a Healthy Weight

4     Wearing sunblock will keep you safe from skin cancer


Also another way of how to keep yourself healthy is to use sunblock and also get fruit.
If you need it then go get it. In my life I think I can't run but.
When I tried I said to myself I thought again and keep going.
So what you need to do is think ahead. And learn from your mistakes.
You can do anything if you try harder.

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  1. Hi Skye,

    It is great to see that you are blogging the ideas that came out of your discussion - next we will turn this into an explanation so that other people know how to do all of these things and the reason why they should do it.