Thursday, 8 February 2018

The first week of school!

The first
week of school!

KIA Ora my name is Skye I go
to pt England school and today I’m
going to be talking about what we did these
two week’s. On the first day of school I woke up
feeling so scared to see my friend’s and meet new people
also to see new things. We had assembly at 9 : 00 in the
morning it was on for about one hour. At assembly we
talked about our class’s and also we got to say hello to
new people. And another thing what we did was say hello
to our new teacher’s that we get to be with this year. We got
to play and meet our new space also we got to see our class’s and
many other things to. And this year I am a year seven at pt
England school.

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