Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Skye Recount: Immersion Assembly

This is term 3 this year and we had a special visitor and it was Mr Burt our Principal and we thank Mrs Nua  for looking after our school well Mr Burt is on his vacation.

Yay it is the first day of school. I really liked it that day because I got to see my friend and her name was nyree. and also the Teachers and I was happy to see Mr burt at school this term.

Team One are learning about healthy food and they made a video of what they're learning about to eat Healthy food and  lots of water So they can be fit for cross country.

Team 2 are learning about sport players.

Team 3 are having quiz game to see how they know the most about sport and they will win a prize

Team 4 are learning about Geography,Rio,Virus,Contamination and Advertising.

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