Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Chubby Bunny Challenge

What would you do if you did the chubby bunny at school?
Today Ms Scanlan said that I have a surprise for you's and it was called the chubby bunny Challenge. Today A Boy Named Kurtas who did the chubby bunny challenge with me and he lost the challenge so he had to wear a bunny suit. But it was supposed to be Tatiana. And also I did the chubby bunny challenge with this boy named Kurtas and we only got to about 6 or even more then I think.
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The Rule's:

unable to eat it or Chew the marshsmallow
or Swallow the marshmallow.

Today we did the Chubby bunny challenge and there were Four people that got chosen. And the loser had to wear a fluffy bunny suit. And there was a boy that stuffed his mouth with marshmallows. Also someone had to wear the fluffy bunny suit and it was so cute it was pink and fluffy. And the first two people that played first was me and Kurtas. And we got to about 6 or even more then I think. I got to much marshmallows in my mouth I had to swallow them. And then it was William and Tatiana. Tatiana lost that round for the girls. And I lost for the girls to so sorry girls but the boys won that round this term.

Kurtas had to wear the suit. And it looked like a sheep to me. But it looks like a fluffy bunny to the other people. But miss Scanlan said "who doesn't want to wear the suit" And Kurtas Said me so then miss. Did a trick and she said you don't want to wear it. So you are going to wear it Anyway's.

The coolest part was when Kurtas had to wear the suit. For the rest of the class. Two people had to much marshmallows in there mouth that they could not say fluffy bunny anymore. Also some of the Marshmallows fell out of there mouth's.

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