Monday, 19 March 2018

Skye Signposting!

WALT: Use signposts to direct our readers

Write one paragraph on each of the topics that you have been given. This paragraph should
contain signposts (headings, topic sentences). Don’t forget to include an example of what you
are talking about. Check that you have included signposts by highlighting them in blue.

For Example:
Why should we watch movies in class.

Students should watch movies. Well you all know
that some of the movies give more information than
reading a book. I think it is good to watch movies because you
know  movies show you what to do before you do it. Watching movies
in class helps us with our reading and also If we read books we sometimes
will forget some of the things that have happened in the story. And also watching
movies we can go back to the movie and rewind it back all otherwise watch it again.

Everyday we go writing or reading in my reading
session I love to watch movies also to rewind back at the parts that i loved
in the story . Also in story I hate it that some of the words that I don't know.
In the movies i sometimes don't understand the words that are in books so that'
s why I like watching movies in class.

And why I love watching movies is because we
always need more information so we can become
better and better at things we do. Always with other people
I don't like watching movies with other people because otherwise
there to load our otherwise there running around

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